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At Flossophy, we believe in providing our patients with the best possible care. That’s why we have invested in the latest, cutting-edge technology and mindfulness procedures. We want you to have the confidence that we will build you your best smile.

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Our Technology

At Flossophy, we believe in providing our patients with the best possible care. That’s why we have invested in the latest, cutting-edge technology. We want you to have the confidence that we will build you your best smile.

3D CBCT machine

Using our innovative 3D CBCT machine is the latest on the market providing the same necessary information with less radiation. Our dental implant surgeons are able to provide our patients with computer guided dental implants, which not only makes any tooth implant safer, but also gives you a more natural smile due to ideal placement.

PRF (platelet rich fibrin) for stem cell bone grafts

Our dental implant surgeons are trained how to use platelet rich fibrin for stem cell bone grafts. Blood is drawn and separated in our unique dental centrifuge. Specific blood products provided added benefit to traditional bone grafting. Growth factors accelerate quality bone healing. White blood cells provide a natural antibiotic effect. Fibrin prevents movement of the graft material, the leading cause of graft failure, and provides a natural barrier. Traditional bone grafts use human or animal bone. Since many people have religious and philosophical restrictions, a vegan alternative is the only option for these patients.

3D printing

We have an in-house lab at Flossophy Dental Boutique that allows the dental implant surgeons to personally fabricate surgical guides so there is no 3rd party error. 3D printing also allows us to fabricate models from digitally designed smiles so patients can see their final smile before any surgery starts. 3D printing digital dentures can make treatment costs much more less then traditional denture fabrication methods.

ISQ magnetic resonance for implant integration

An ISQ indicator is used to determine the successful integration of the dental implant post with a touch-less wand. When patients have poor quality of bone, implants are torqued by hand to look for poor integration. If an implant is not quite healed, it will move and may failure due to this loading test. At Flossophy, we can ensure your dental implants will be secure without complications months after.

Our Zen-like Experience

First impressions

Dr. Burla and staff are trained to always be friendly and to be respectful of all people. You will be greeted at the front, temperature and insurance information is taken. Please fill out your health information on an iPad and enjoy some fresh tea.


You will notice immediately everything is color coordinated for your relaxation. Purple is the most scientifically relaxing color. Enjoy the mediation music as it stimulates Delta waves, relaxing the mind. The scents of clove and lavender so provide a coming effect.

Zen room

Enjoy a complementary paraffin wax dip before a cleaning or it is also fun for the kids. Paraffin wax provides moisture to the skin and also warms up blood flow in the hands. You may also have guests, please relax in the message chair.


Dr. Burla practices mindfulness with patients who have dental anxiety. A relaxing environment is not enough as anxiety is racing thoughts. Often it is easier to distract the mind by planing music (ear phones provided) or using some nitrous laughing gas (complementary with procedures), but persistent anxiety requires special attention. Simple breathing exercises can can strengthen conscious awareness and can focus the mind to recognize anxiety for what it is, temporary. Anxiety is like an itch on the nose. If you focus on it, it will have a strong influence but quickly it will go away and have no power over your decisions. Many fear the unknown so Dr. Burla works with each patient getting them familiar with procedures before doing them and making them well informed about what is going on.

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